Plug and play breweries for rent
coming soon to a spot near you

The modern world is built on top of age-old structures first established to focus economic power and regulate freedom. Within these systems are deep-seated problems that are costly both to enterprise, to consumers and to the planet. Today’s problems can’t be solved if we still think the way we thought when we created them. We need to think differently and let the awakening world break free from the matrix.

We are Wayout.


Our idea is simple: we develop, design and produce complete craft breweries inbuilt in shipping containers. The brewery modules are offered for rent; to hotels, restaurants, bars and entrepreneurs that see the opportunities in controlling a profitable production of beverages under their own brand.

Instead of transporting readymade beverages around the planet from economic centers, we rent out turn-key breweries and let local entrepreneurs harvest the rewards. By providing profitable production facilities on a community level and thereby relocating the benefits of the business to where the products are consumed, we enable local prosperity and help lead the world’s transition to a greener future.

Wayout is a full circle enabler, providing brewery modules, raw materials, training, service and support. Our rental model requires no investment from the brewer’s end. The scalable pay-for-what-you-use concept lets the entrepreneur make good profit even at low volumes. After we ship and install the modules, we provide all services needed for a smooth local operation.


Forged in a compact and virtuous design, the module includes a brewery, a clean-in-place system and a water treatment facility. The output capacity starts at 4,000 liters of premium quality beer per month, complemented by pure water, ciders, tonics and soft drinks in a wide variety of choice. All technology is automatically coordinated making the brewery module self-instructing and simple to operate.

A fully integrated software system lets Wayout brewers comfortably supervise the production. The smart assistance interface makes it easy to expand the product portfolio, subscribe to ingredients and get support on daily operations. A smartphone app lets customers give feedback on products, respond to offers, participate in loyalty programs and pay for their beverages directly.

Wayout provides training programs to those seeking to develop their brewmaster skills on different levels. Within our network of experts and operators we share recipes, exchange ideas on trends and collaborate in customer campaigns. Service is included in the rental agreement to warrant a steady flowing performance.


The Wayout module’s ecological footprint is kept at a minimum. By eliminating the handling of bottles from the process, we remove a number of costly side-effects from the entire beverages industry, spanning across production, distribution and logistics to storage, waste and pollution. By carefully qualifying the technology, the sources of energy and the ingredients, we are able to make the brewing process eco positive.

Sourcing ingredients from local producers at a fair price is an efficient way of promoting sustainable development. We help entrepreneurs connect with producers in the area. Using organically or biodynamically grown pesticide-free ingredients will of course also improve the quality of the final product.

Thanks to the superior water treatment system, a Wayout module can be used as a local oasis for pristine drinking water, producing 300 liters per hour. By using refillable glass bottles, Wayout brewers can help prevent thousands of plastic bottles from entering nature everty month. Beverages are best enjoyed straight from the spring – fresh and clean with a spotless past and a crisp future.